Social media policy

Netiquette: With the increasing use of social media and emails we would like to suggest some guidelines to avoid any problems with comments/statements which may be insulting or offensive to society members or reflect badly on the society as a whole.  Netiquette refers to the generally accepted rules of behaviour for communicating in the online environment.

  1. Be careful with what you say in your posting. This information is easily forwarded and can come back to haunt you.
  2. Be careful when using sarcasm and humour. Internet communications are very impersonal and others may take your words as criticism. “Emoticons” are a widely accepted way of differentiating humour and sarcasm from serious comments.
  3. Be courteous and respectful of other people.
  4. Know who can read your open comments – may be far wider than your close “friends” or “follower” groups.
  5. Before posting a reply/comment, please read your message and look for the following:
    1. Are you sure that the message conveys what you want to say correctly and appropriately?
    2. Correct any spelling errors you find – typos can make postings difficult to read and understand.

Use common sense – is this message something that you want to be sent to you? Will you understand it in three days if you were to go back and read it?

During rehearsals, mobile telephones and other electronic devices should be set to “silent” in the rehearsal room.

During show week, mobile telephone and other electronic devices should be switched OFF in the dressing rooms, Green Room and all areas backstage. This is to ensure the signal does not interfere with radio microphones and other sound equipment on stage.

Telephone calls should not be accepted whilst cast members are directly involved in the rehearsal.

Recording of Rehearsals and Performances: Please note that we are granted the rights to perform our shows on the understanding that no recordings will be made of either performances or rehearsals.  In the event that you breach this agreement you, and the society, could face substantial penalties from the rights holders.

Rehearsal Photos: Photographs of the Technical / Dress rehearsal will be taken by the Society’s photographer. These will be available to purchase at approx. £5 for a photo disc. No other photographs can be taken from the auditorium or the stage area (i.e. from the wings and props area).

Backstage Photos: In the Facebook era photographs can be posted and viewed by millions of people across the globe with virtually no restriction so we need to be sensitive to photographs of cast members. Only take photographs of people backstage if you have their permission to do so.

Only post photographs on Facebook, or other Social Media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, if you have permission from all those in the photograph to do so.