Membership auditions

New members wishing to join as Performing Members are invited to a singing and performing audition.  New member auditions normally take place in May and November each year and may be combined with Show auditions.

At the audition you will be seen individually by an audition panel consisting of 3 or so Committee members.   You will be asked to sing a song of your choice and you will need to provide the sheet music for the pianist to accompany you.  You will also be asked to perform a piece of dialogue of your choice, preferably without reading from a script.

Show auditions

Performing members are eligible to audition for shows and other performances.

If you are interested in auditioning for a show you receive an audition pack with singing, dialogue and dance audition pieces for the roles in the show.  You are also invited to pre-audition sessions to find out the Director’s vision for the show and to help you learn the audition pieces and dance routines.